Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Sarah Kramer, President and CEO of eHealth Ontario Outlines Health Strategy

Sarah Kramer, President and CEO of eHealth Ontario spoke about the future of eHealth in Ontario at HealthAchieve 2008.

She focused on Ontario’s eHealth strategy, its system transformation goals and how the government’s goals will be implemented. In her words,the overall emphasis of eHealth in Ontario is to deliver clear, measurable, transparent results … that improve patient care quality and safety. Click here for the full text of her speech.

eHealth Ontario is the marriage of the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care’s e-Health Program and the province’s Smart Systems for Health Agency (SSHA) under one banner.

Three key e-health priorities have been identified for the next few years including a Diabetes Registry, an e-health portal to centralize health information on an easily accessible web site, and e-prescribing which will eliminate hand written prescriptions and reduce medication errors.

The ultimate goal of the e-health strategy is to create an electronic health record (EHR) for all Ontarians by 2015. An electronic health record will provide patients and providers with the ability to access, share and use health information. It will improve health care delivery, increase patient safety, reduce ER wait times and create a more effective health care system.

* eHealth Ontario will work with the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner/Ontario to ensure the protection of personal health information;
* The Ontario government created SSHA in 2003 to improve patient care through a variety of initiatives, including network hosting and secure e-mail.

Province of Nova Scotia: Electronic Health Record (EHR) Initiatives

Many of the IM projects underway, such as the Nova Scotia Hospital Information System (NShIS), the Picture Archiving and Communications System (PACS), and the primary health care information management program are helping to move us closer to our goal of a portable electronic health record (EHR) for all Nova Scotians.

* Nova Scotia Hospital Information System
* Picture Archiving and Communications System
* Primary Health Care Information Management Program

Newfoundland and Labrador's Electronic Health Record (EHR) Resources

The Centre for Health Information collaborates with Newfoundland and Labrador's health system to ensure quality health information is available for health care, system-wide planning, research, and policy development. Through this collaboration, the Centre has fostered expertise in health information systems development and management, applied health research, data quality and collection, education, and personal information protection.

The Health Information Network (HIN) Division manages the development of infrastructure for secure electronic health records. It is responsible for the management of the HIN that currently connects all health authorities, and in the future will connect other health system stakeholders in the province. Several collaborative projects are currently underway at the Centre which will assist in the development of the HIN and will support person-specific electronic health records, including: the Unique Personal Identifier/Client Registry; the Pharmacy Network; Primary Health Care Information Management System; Diagnostic Imaging/Picture Archiving and Communications System; Laboratory System; and Telehealth.
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- Provider Registry
- Pharmacy Network
- Primary Health Care
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