Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

The Perfect Combo- Invest your money in a nuclear camera set up that is profitable!


In growing numbers, Canadian nuclear medicine clinics are quickly realizing that the most profitable clinic camera set up is a Spectrum Dynamics Cardiac CZT along with a refurbished dual head general purpose camera.

                                   Spectrum Dynamics             GE Millenium MG                                                        

Spectrum Dynamics Benefits:

  • Fast results: The D-SPECT can acquire a complete gated SPECT study in as little as two minutes, improving department workflow, enhancing patient compliance and reducing the chance of patient motion.
  • Image quality: D-SPECT’s count rich data sets combined with a proprietary reconstruction algorithm to ensure optimal spatial resolution and exceptional image quality.
  • Dose reduction: The extremely high sensitivity of the D-SPECT detectors allows for dramatic reductions in injected dose. Patients and staff benefit from the lower radiation dose.

Refurbished Nuclear Camera Benefits:

  • Reduced cost: The price of a refurbished gamma camera can be more than half the cost of a new nuclear camera.
  • Quality: Our refurbished nuclear medicine equipment strictly adheres to good refurbishment practices and quality requirements, ensuring our systems are both as safe and effective as when they were new.
  • Warranty: All refurbished cameras come with a full one year warranty, installation and training.

Friday, February 23, 2018

Looking to move your nuclear camera in Canada?

Looking to move your nuclear camera in Canada?

Since 1998 ADN Canada has prided itself as the leading source for Canada's nuclear medicine product and service needs.

We have the knowledge and experience to:
a) Deinstall your nuclear camera.
b) Rig/move your nuclear camera.
c) Install your nuclear camera at its final destination.   

We guarantee your camera will be in the same condition as it was before the move.

In addition to the camera moves, we can also help with your CNSC licensing, room drawings and suggest various room layouts that will optimize your daily workflow.

Give us a call at 1-905-655-4364 to plan your next camera move.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Watch the Spectrum Veriton in Action - World’s first 12 detector CZT multi-organ scanner

Click on the link below to see the SpectrumVeriton 12 CZT Detectors in Action:

*Pending certification 510(k)/CE and any other certification. Not available for sale worldwide.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Ringing in the new year with another successful fully refurbished nuclear camera install!

GE Millennium MG just installed in Western, Ontario

Refurbished GE Millennium MG
Refurbished GE Millennium MG

Since 1999 we have been offering quality refurbished turn-key gamma cameras to the Canadian healthcare market.

We would welcome the opportunity to provide you with a quote for your next nuclear camera.