Monday, December 01, 2008

Province of Manitoba | Provincial Electronic Health Record (EHR) Resources

Manitoba eHealth Vision
The Manitoba eHealth Program will facilitate the improvement and enablement of healthcare delivery transformation through the use of information and communication technology. Manitoba eHealth offers a single integrated organization capable of providing province-wide solutions under the direction of the Manitoba eHealth Board.

Manitoba eHealth Mandate:
• Begin the process for integrating health care systems across regions and care-sectors
• Improve and expand health care services by managing information and communication technology as a single organization capable of achieving economies-of-scale, province-wide
• Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) services by leveraging the benefits of a centralized delivery model.

Through a coordinated provincial approach, Manitoba eHealth is working with health care professionals to plan, design and build the necessary systems that will lead to a provincial Electronic Health Record (EHR).

Projects in Progress
Emergency Department Information System (EDIS)
Hospital Information System Project (HISP)
Provincial HISP / Long Term Care Planning
Interoperable Electronic Health Record (iEHR)
Provincial Client Registry
Provincial Lab Information System
Provincial Radiology Information System / Picture Archiving and Communications Systems (RIS / PACS)
Utilization Management System (UM System)

Projects Completed
Clinical Supply Chain Information System (CSCIS)
Lab Information System (LIS) – Winnipeg Region
Primary Data Centre (PDC)
Security Planning
Sterile Instrument Tracking System (SITS)
Surgical Information Management System (SIMS)

Province of Saskatchewan | Provincial Electronic Health Record (EHR) Resources

Saskatchewan Health Information Network (SHIN) manages the development of a province-wide health information network in Saskatchewan. SHIN is funded by Saskatchewan Health and managed by Health Information Solutions Centre (HISC) personnel.

The key roles of SHIN are:
1. To provide information management and technology services to regional health authorities and other health service providers and delivery agencies within Saskatchewan;
2. To deliver the mandate of an Electronic Health Record for Saskatchewan citizens; and,
3. To support health sector initiatives, provide a province wide health information network and securely, centrally hosted health care applications in the HISC data centre.

Electronic Health Record Blueprint
iEHR/Lab Results Repository
Pharmaceutical Information Program
PIP Patient Brochure
Provider Registry System
Public Health Surveillance
RIS-PACS-Archive (Diagnostic Imaging)
Shared Client Index (Client Registry)
Integrated Clinical System