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After numerous grants from the Department of Defense, the National Cancer Institute and the U.S. Department of Energy, in 2000, DIGIRAD CORPORATION notably brought the first commercial solid-state gamma camera for nuclear medicine to the market.

Today, publically-listed DIGIRAD CORPORATION provides advanced cardiovascular imaging services solutions and solid-state nuclear medicine imaging products to nearly 1,000 clients worldwide. Notably said to be a “textbook example of how a company paid close attention to market conditions and was able to carve out a unique product opportunity. DIGIRAD's proprietary technology is based on solid-state semiconductor technology, which was developed in-house and originally used in defense technology applications.”
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VENDOR PROFILE: Thinking Systems Corporation

KLAS® Award Winning THINKING SYSTEMS CORPORATION is the developer of ThinkingPACS™ and ThinkingRIS™ ---a comprehensive imaging suite (that includes an advanced Nuclear and Cardiology toolset) and extends well beyond traditional radiology modalities such as CT, MRI, DR and CR.)

Imagine an enterprise-wide, multi-disciplinary, integrated, vendor-neutral (web-based) imaging solution using one database. Thinking Systems seamlessly manage and store nuclear medicine, PET, echo cardiology and Cath lab images; supporting image registration and even fusion among multimodalities (i.e. PET, SPECT, CT, MR, etc.,) including image quantitative analysis (for cardiac and brain studies) and orthopedic templating. Providing truly customized implementations, Thinking Systems translates the power of its versatile product portfolio and expertise into highly effective solutions tailor-made for each installation.

THINKING SYSTEMS solutions are installed worldwide in leading hospitals, research institutes, imaging centers, and doctor’s offices, including US notables like Yale, Mass General, Univ. of Miami, and Kettering Medical Center.

In Canada, THINKING SYSTEMS are utilized by the Humber River Regional Hospital. Mount Sinai Hospital (MSH,) Women’s College Hospital (WCH,) Toronto Western Hospital, Toronto General Hospital, Princess Margaret Hospital (PMH,) the University Health Network (UHN,) and a number of clinic sites.

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More about Thinking Systems Corporation. Note: In Canada, Thinking Systems solutions are provided by ADN Canada (


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