Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Electronic Health Record (EHR) Solution Blueprint

A roadmap for planning and implementation in Canada
The Blueprint is focused on interoperability - the capability of computer systems to seamlessly communicate with one another. It provides guidance for integrating the approximately 40,000 existing health information systems in use across the country, while remaining flexible to allow for incorporating new and better information systems and capabilities. The Blueprint, based on extensive consultations and collaboration, is a useful tool for information technology professionals in governments, health regions and hospitals who plan to implement Electronic Health Record solutions. It is also valuable for technology vendors who want to align their products and services with the vision for the interoperable Electronic Health Record.

To access a (Flash-based) overview of Canada Health Infoway's initiatives please visit:

The EHRS Blueprint is a technology framework for sharing health information securely and appropriately across Canada. Based on extensive collaboration, it's a valuable tool for governments, health regions, hospitals and technology vendors who are involved in implementing Electronic Health Record solutions. The revised version of the Blueprint is now available. Incorporated into the EHRS Blueprint, the Electronic Health Record (EHR) Privacy and Security conceptual Architecture (PSA) helps ensure that future interoperable EHR systems will comply with federal / provincial / territorial, as well as cross-jurisdictional Privacy and Security (P&S) requirements.

To view Canada Health Infoway’s latest EHR Blueprint please visit:

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