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Forging ahead: The electronic Child Health Network (eCHN)

The electronic Child Health Network (eCHN) provides services to enable Health Information Custodians, such as hospitals, to use electronic means to share personal health information with other [Canadian] Health Information Custodians.

Stated Mission
To be the preferred enabler of electronic health data and information for providers of maternal, newborn and child health care in Ontario and Canada.

Stated Vision
eCHN's vision is that electronic health information in Ontario and Canada should be a universal system that is inter-operable, comprehensive, accessible, flexible and available in a secure and controlled environment.

There are two primary eCHN offerings: PROFOR and HiNET.

PROFOR is a password protected professional development website for health care providers. Through PROFOR, health care professionals have access to the following types of information:
o Professional presentations and discussions including rounds for medical, nursing and other professional services.
o Educational material that can be printed from PROFOR and given to parents and children for their reference after their office or hospital visit.
o Pharmacy information, including the Sick Kids Pharmacy Formulary of Drugs.

Benefits of PROFOR
o Provides the latest information on many paediatric topics as provided by leading experts.
o Provides educational material that may be used as resource material for parents or patients.
o Provides the current Sick Kids formulary as a reference.
o Assists health care professionals in obtaining credits for continuing education.
o Permits health care professionals to benefit from educational presentations even when they are unable to be present at then time.

Read more about PROFOR at

Access to PROFOR: Health care professionals interested in accessing PROFOR can send their name, professional affiliation and email address to
Note: A password and user ID will be issued. There is no charge for accessing PROFOR.

HiNet is a secure system in which a child's medical records are available electronically to health care providers when and where they are required. This information includes laboratory results, doctor's notes, xrays, visit information and personal information such as age, address and phone number. HiNet uses the latest security technology and all information remains private within eCHN. HiNet is available only to pre-authorized health care providers. Patient participation is voluntary and written parental consent may be required. Although the decision not to participate will not affect the care delivered to any child, there are substantial benefits to having a child's health data on the network. These include faster access to patient records, more complete information available to health care providers and a reduction in duplicate X- rays and diagnostic tests.

Benefits of HiNET
o Health care professionals have instant access to the most current patient information.
o Information is available when and where it is required.
o HiNet reduces the opportunities for lost or unavailable records.
o The need to repeat tests completed recently may be reduced.
o The requirement for the patient to travel may be reduced.
o Facilitates delivering better, safer and more timely health care.
o Helps clinicians use their time more effectively by spending less time on paperwork and more time on providing care.
o Sharing health information improves continuity of care.

Read more about HiNET at

Download a HiNET brochure (English/French available) at
Health care organizations and professionals interested in obtaining access to HiNet should contact eCHN by telephone at 416-813-8807 or via e-mail at

To view current eCHN Members please visit

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