Thursday, December 11, 2008

Global Perspective: Australia’s Electronic Health Record (EHR) Resources

Coalition for eHealth Australia
The Coalition for eHealth was formed to improve the strength and coherence of the voice from those with expertise in eHealth. View Members of the Coalition for eHealth.

The National E-Health Transition Authority (NEHTA) published specifications for both messaging and connectivity architecture which underpin the approach to e-health communications for NEHTA’s ePathology, eDischarge Summary, eReferral and eMedications Management. Strategic policy alignment takes a strong focus on the monitoring and analysis of trends and technology, in order to drive the Australian Governments' e-Health agenda. Read Specifications.

Australian Health Ministers Advisory Council (AHMAC).
In early 2008, Australian Health Ministers, through the Australian Health Ministers' Advisory Council, commissioned Deloitte to develop a strategic framework and plan to guide national coordination and collaboration in E-Health. Read Summary.

HealthConnect Australia Archive

National E-Health Transition Authority (NEHTA) Privacy Blueprint for the Individual Electronic Health Record
The Consumers Health Forum's National E-Health Transition Authority (NEHTA) Privacy Blueprint for the Individual Electronic Health Record considers a range of key issues including governance, audit functionality, sensitivity labels, what controls individuals have over information on the Individual EHR, and secondary uses.

e-Health is a Valuable Tool
As the e-health movement continues to gain momentum across Australia, consumers are playing a greater part in driving the e-health direction to meet consumer needs.

Keeping Consumer e-Health Transparent
Ethics is central to the culture of health provision in Australia; however, when it comes to looking at e-health things can get a bit clouded. This article looks at just one aspect of e-Health and consumer sponsored (and run) websites.

e-Health and the Quality Use of Medicines - Getting Better All the Time
Computers have revolutionized the way pharmacists work, delivering many improvements to consumers. However, e-Health offers ongoing opportunities.

e-Health - A Consumer's View
There are benefits and drawbacks with the development and implementation of e-Health systems, but with consumer involvement, concerns can be addressed

e-Health for Consumers - Practical Strategies
The e-Health strategies were developed out of the CHF 2005-06 Electronic Health Records project for maintaining a high level of well-informed consumer participation and input in the development and implementation of e-Health systems. The strategies also reinforce the need to consider important issues for consumers, such as privacy, governance, and shared decision-making between health providers and consumers, to ensure these issues remain on the e-Health development agenda.

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