Monday, December 01, 2008

Province of Saskatchewan | Provincial Electronic Health Record (EHR) Resources

Saskatchewan Health Information Network (SHIN) manages the development of a province-wide health information network in Saskatchewan. SHIN is funded by Saskatchewan Health and managed by Health Information Solutions Centre (HISC) personnel.

The key roles of SHIN are:
1. To provide information management and technology services to regional health authorities and other health service providers and delivery agencies within Saskatchewan;
2. To deliver the mandate of an Electronic Health Record for Saskatchewan citizens; and,
3. To support health sector initiatives, provide a province wide health information network and securely, centrally hosted health care applications in the HISC data centre.

Electronic Health Record Blueprint
iEHR/Lab Results Repository
Pharmaceutical Information Program
PIP Patient Brochure
Provider Registry System
Public Health Surveillance
RIS-PACS-Archive (Diagnostic Imaging)
Shared Client Index (Client Registry)
Integrated Clinical System

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