Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Alliance Distribution Network (ADN) Canada is pleased to announce that in April 2010, Thinking Systems’ RADIOLOGY INFORMATION SYSTEM (RIS) was proudly installed at Norfolk Nuclear Medicine Services. 

ThinkingRIS is Thinking Systems’ Web-based RIS (Radiology Information System) product that is merged with ThinkingPACS (i.e., they share one single database). It offers the advantage of centralized storage for both images and patient information. ThinkingRIS allows clinicians or staff members to perform key tasks such as patient registration, scheduling, exam tracking, staff and resource management, report generation and distribution, etc., from any Windows computer on the network (Intranet or Internet).

ThinkingPACS and ThinkingRIS are both scalable to fit the needs of institutions of all sizes, from a single-doctor practice to a large hospital.  ThinkingPACS and ThinkingRIS are also based on an open architecture, using standard Microsoft Window operating systems (Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, etc), and off-the-shelf hardware.

KLAS-Award Winning ThinkingPACS and ThinkingRIS are proudly installed worldwide in leading hospitals, research institutes, imaging centers, and advanced doctors offices, including notables Yale-New Haven Hospital, Massachusetts General Hospital, University of Miami, Toronto Western Hospital (Canada), Weigong Hospital (Taiwan), Oklahoma Cardiovascular Associates, Radiologix, State University of New York at Stony Brook, and many more.

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With over ten years in business in Canada and twenty PACS sites installed in Canada, Alliance Distribution Network (ADN) Canada distributes KLAS Award winning Thinking Systems PACS and RIS solutions across Canada, as well as both Digirad and Medi-Link.  For additional information please contact ADN directly.   Alternatively, please feel free to join the discussion on our new Facebook Page.

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