Tuesday, October 16, 2018

The Perfect Combo- Invest your money in a nuclear camera set up that is profitable!


In growing numbers, Canadian nuclear medicine clinics are quickly realizing that the most profitable clinic camera set up is a Spectrum Dynamics Cardiac CZT along with a refurbished dual head general purpose camera.

                                   Spectrum Dynamics             GE Millenium MG                                                        

Spectrum Dynamics Benefits:

  • Fast results: The D-SPECT can acquire a complete gated SPECT study in as little as two minutes, improving department workflow, enhancing patient compliance and reducing the chance of patient motion.
  • Image quality: D-SPECT’s count rich data sets combined with a proprietary reconstruction algorithm to ensure optimal spatial resolution and exceptional image quality.
  • Dose reduction: The extremely high sensitivity of the D-SPECT detectors allows for dramatic reductions in injected dose. Patients and staff benefit from the lower radiation dose.

Refurbished Nuclear Camera Benefits:

  • Reduced cost: The price of a refurbished gamma camera can be more than half the cost of a new nuclear camera.
  • Quality: Our refurbished nuclear medicine equipment strictly adheres to good refurbishment practices and quality requirements, ensuring our systems are both as safe and effective as when they were new.
  • Warranty: All refurbished cameras come with a full one year warranty, installation and training.

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