Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Thinking Systems Corporation Releases Plug-in for Philips iSite PACS

St. Petersburg, FL (November 20, 2006)  - For Immediate Release

Thinking Systems Corporation, recognized as one of the nation’s most innovative medical imaging software developers and for its broad product portfolio that supports the spectrum of modalities, today announced the company’s release of its new plug-in for Philips/Stentor’s iSite PACS.

This plug-in was independently developed utilizing iSite’s open API (Application Interface). The new offering will provide comprehensive 3rd party PACS solutions to iSite users for all modalities, including PET/SPECT-CT fusion, nuclear cardiology processing and quantification analysis, general nuclear medicine processing and review, PET cardiac analysis, PET brain analysis, 3D/MPR, calcium scoring, cardiac CTA, orthopedic templating, echocardiography, general ultrasound, cardiac catheterization and angiography. The integrated platform enables enterprise-wide access to these modalities with cutting edge clinical applications.

“What makes this plug-in different from a generic iSite plug-in is that instead of being a passive plug-in, Thinking Systems provides comprehensive solutions, from interfacing to modality scanners, data conversion, data verification, HIS/RIS validation, data distribution, to image fusion, image reconstruction and quantification analysis,” said Xiaoyi Wang, president and co-chairman, Thinking Systems Corporation.           

“Key to this plug-in is Thinking Systems’ ModalityBrokerTM, which bridges the modalities to iSite and powers Thinking Systems’ cutting edge clinical applications that can be invoked by both iSite Radiology and iSite Enterprise.”

THINKING SYSTEMS solutions are installed at over twenty sites across Canada and are proudly distributed by Alliance Distribution Network (ADN) Canada. For more information please contact your local ADN Canada sales consultant Toll-Free in Canada at 877-434-5311 or e-mail.  

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