Tuesday, February 18, 2014

ADN Canada Adds Spectrum Dynamics To Product Offerings

ADN Canada pleased to announce that we have added Spectrum Dynamics to our product offerings.  Spectrum Dynamics best-of-breed products improve throughput, enhance image quality and provide the foundation for new clinical applications.

Though Nuclear Cardiology has grown significantly in the past 25 years, supporting detector technology has not improved at the same pace. As such, Sodium iodide and vacuum tubes continue to be the dominant technology in the marketplace and the lack of investment in new technologies has placed severe constraints on clinical workflow and the development of new applications.

However, with exciting new molecular imaging radiopharmaceuticals on the horizon and tremendous gains being made routinely in computing horsepower and applications, the limiting factor necessary to unlock the true potential of molecular imaging will be data collection. With this in mind, Spectrum Dynamics is now redefining SPECT Imaging with their innovative D-SPECT™ Cardiac Imaging System; innovative technology that allows medical professionals to experience a true breakthrough in Nuclear Imaging.

Why choose between speed and image quality? Spectrum Dynamics dramatic gains in detector performance, combined with proprietary high resolution reconstruction algorithms, allow medical professionals to significantly enhance clinical results while drastically reducing acquisition time, thereby improving overall clinical workflow. With these improvements, the D-SPECT™ Cardiac Imaging System revolutionizes the entire molecular imaging process.

Dramatic improvements in both clinical workflow and image quality are now possible with the D-SPECT™ Cardiac Imaging System, powered by Spectrum Dynamics' unique BroadView™ Technology. This new technology represents a breakthrough in almost every component of nuclear cardiology imaging diagnostics and workflow, including up to
a 50% improvement in energy resolution, which will provide the capability to image multiple isotopes simultaneously. Spectrum Dynamics protects its revolutionary technology with over 70 patents and patent applications. Advanced Technology. Advanced Applications. Better Results.

For more information, please contact ADN Canada Toll Free at 1-877-434-5311 or via email at info@adncanada.ca

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