Sunday, March 27, 2016

The Revolutionary D-SPECT™ CZT Cardiac Imaging System

ADN CANADA provides more than just better imaging.  Via our partnership with Spectrum Dynamics, we provide a breakthrough approach to every component of the imaging process.  Whether acute or clinical care, our pioneering approach to Nuclear Imaging extends the tools needed to increase throughput while improving clinical outcomes.

Spectrum Dynamics BroadView™ Technology is based on advanced image reconstruction algorithms that enable a ten-fold increase in sensitivity and a significant improvement in image reconstruction quality and spectral resolution including:
  • Two-minute Gated SPECT acquisitions for exceptional throughput,
  • PET like image quality in particular with obese patients,
  • No gantry or chair motions during acquisitions,
  • Semi-upright to supine imaging,
  • Extremely small footprint,
  • Weight limit up to 540 lbs.,
  • Low-dose imaging down to Tc 5 mCi. 

The need to reduce radiation exposure to patients and medical personnel has always been Spectrum’s goal since its introduction of the D-SPECT. This next generation solid-state digital detector technology has the unique capability to count up to 10X the speed of a conventional Anger camera thus drastically reducing imaging time (2-minute Gated SPECT study) or one can significantly reduce the injected dose and acquire slightly longer (6-10 minutes).

Dramatic improvements in both clinical workflow and image quality are now possible including up to a 50% improvement in energy resolution, notably extending the capability to image multiple isotopes simultaneously.  Note: This revolutionary BroadView™ Technology is protected by over seventy patents, patent applications and applications in preparation.  

Have questions?  We are extremely happy to assist. For more information please contact ADN CANADA Toll Free at 1-877-434-5311 or via email.  Alternatively, download a D-SPECT brochure or view BroadView™ Technology Case Studies.

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Since 1999, ADN Canada has sourced and introduced ‘best-of-breed’ diagnostic imaging innovation to the Canadian health care market from around the world. From the world’s first commercial solid-state Nuclear Gamma Camera, to KLAS® highest rated Cardiovascular Picture Archiving and Communication (PACS) System. ADN Medical Provides Solutions for Visionaries.  For more information please visit our website or contact us directly.

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